attack of the clones!

Attack of the Clones was a very Star Wars like movie. :) It had some terrible, terrible dialog and some fantastic FX, and some scenes that made me laugh and clap and cheer, so, well, yeah. Star Wars. :) It was too long; someone needs to tell moviemakers that longer is not necessarily better. I’ve gone to several movies recently (including SW and Spider-Man) that during the movie I thought, “Boy, this is long,” and that’s not a good thought to have during a movie, IMHO. However, I enjoyed it overall, and Hayden Christensen wasn’t as unpleasant as I feared he’d be, and Yoda, well, Yoda rocks. *hee hee hee* Yeah. It’s a matinee show, of course, but it really *is* a matinee show. That’s what Star Wars *is*. So it’s worth it. :)