attempted revision blitz

Having gotten MAGIC & MANNERS practically sorted*, I’m going to spend the next five days attempting a Revision Blitz on IMMORTAL BELOVED, which is a 20 year old book undergoing a major revamp to make it new and shiny. I’ve done the first redraft already but that’s left a lot of muck hanging about in it, and most of it is, of course, the *harder* muck to clean up. Because why would I do the hard stuff first and leave the easy stuff for the second round. :)

(Actually, why *would* I? Because revisions almost never get done in the first pass, especially if it’s something I haven’t looked at for a while. *Seeing* that there’s a problem is often as much as I can manage in the first go, like I’m mentally prepping for the work. It’d be great if I could just tackle it all at once, but when there’s two thirds of a book left and I don’t know what horrors lie ahead, getting through the *easy* stuff is enough of a job. If I started with the hard stuff I’d probably give up in despair. :))

Anyway, so I’m hoping to push through the hard stuff in the next few days, leaving myself with probably one more pass to clean up the final comparatively easy but titchy stuff that’s left dangling. If I’m truly amazing I’ll get all of that done in the next five days, which would be Major Goal level activity.

I started two short stories on Friday, both “Origins” stories for the Old Races Short Story Project, so the goal is to finish one of those NEXT week and do a big stompy revision pass on REDEEMER the last ten days of the month.

And then because there’s no rest for the wicked, it’ll be another short story followed by a revision of BEWITCHING BENEDICT, the straight-up Regency romance that I hope will charm your socks off late this summer. :)

I think I’m repeating myself telling you my plans, but I’m trying really really hard to keep what I’m trying to do fixed in my head so that it feels like I’m accomplishing something instead of just frantically spinning my wheels. The Thinks To Do List is just *so* massive. o.o

*ahahahah :}

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