I am exceeding, exceedingly pleased to participate in this year in Brenda Novak‘s annual charity auction fundraiser for diabetes research. Last year she raised over a quarter of a million dollars, and is aiming for $300,000 this year.

I have two items in the auction: one is a Tuckerization–ie, your name in my book–in the fifth Walker Papers novel, DEMON HUNTS (yes, the one I’m working on right now), which is due out in June 2010. Bidding started at $2 and to my astonishment a few people have already bid, so I think at this red-hot moment the lowest possible bid is $14. The auction runs until the end of May, and you can find the details here.

The second is an Irish gift basket which will include mass market paperbacks of the first three Walker Papers, and my recent night shot of Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin. Bidding started at $2, is currently at $21, and the auction runs until the end of May. You can find the details here.

My agent, Jennifer Jackson, has a proposal critique in the auction, and all the items up for auction from her client list here. Bid early, bid often! :)

ytd wordcount: 160,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 220

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