Aw, Sherlock.

We watched an ENTIRE SEASON of TV this week! Because it was 2nd season Sherlock, which is only 3 episodes. :)

The very end of The Reichenbach Fall, although I’d seen it quoted roughly a million times already, was still very effective. In fact, the whole episode was. Somehow I spent at least half of it with my knees pulled up and my hands over my mouth, despite obviously knowing how it was going to end.

I will never be able to watch Cumberbatch as Sherlock again without thinking “Oh, you with the cheekbones and the collar!” Which isn’t the line (nor is it from The Reichenbach Fall, but nevermind that), but it’s the gist of it anyway and it’s giggle-worthy true.

It was about halfway through A Scandal in Belgravia that I finally became converted to the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch as utterly swoonable. Perhaps I’d hit the saturation threshhold necessary, after Into Darkness immediately followed by A Scandal in Belgravia, but the Moment Itself was when Sherlock returns home to discover that the [redacted] has [redacted] poor [redacted]. The transition from curiosity to deduction to utter rage all without discernable change of expression was O.M.G. *ded*

(I really can’t suss Sherlock. I can’t decide if he’s really the high-functioning sociopath he claims to be, or if actually he feels things so deeply he uses his intellect to belittle everything in order to protect himself. Presumably the latter, but of course, part of the charm of the character is that nobody can tell which it is.)

All of which leads me directly into remembering Laura Anne saying, “Cumberbatch stole every scene he was in, in Star Trek, which makes you appreciate just how good Martin Freeman is, that he doesn’t let Cumberbatch do that in Sherlock.” Yes yes yes. It’s so much less flashy a role, but she’s so right. And he just tore me apart in The Reichenbach Fall. Waugh!

I’m now hopping for series 3. :)

(p.s. hm. how do i have no sherlock icons? *fixes that*)