back from the gym

Back from the gym, an hour hence. I had a nice swim, 2500 yards, and the two women in the lane with me were gratifyingly impressed with the sheer amount I swam. Thence to home, where Ted, surprisingly, was cooking dinner (I had expected him to be at aikido, but he is headachy), and so dinner (spaghetti! Yum!), and now I’m poking at the Josie synopsis, which is, quite reasonably, written entirely from a romantic angle (we wrote it as a romance), but which needs to be rewritten from a whole new angle ’cause we’re no longer trying to sell it as a romance.

Ted noted that I failed to mention the *stunningly* good scalloped potatoes and ham that he made last night. I mention it now, and repeat that it was *stunningly* good. *Wow* good.