barely 8

Here it is, barely 8am, and I’ve been up for hours already. I didn’t swim, though, ’cause I’ve got a canker sore and I just couldn’t bring myself to stick my head in chlorine. Ow. Instead, I wrote.

Finished up the Jubilee beatsheets, and I think I actually managed to pull a story out of it, despite the fact that when I started at 6am I had no story and a lot of flailing going on. For 800 words worth of writing, getting a story out of it all seems pretty good, to me. Yay! So now I’ll put together a cover letter and print out the paperwork they want and put it all together and send it. I think I started this last Saturday. Maybe Friday. That’s cool. (Saturday, I just checked. Cool.)

It’s *pouring* rain. When I got up and went to put Chanti out, she stood several feet away from the door and looked outside very mournfully. Eventually she went out, and went and stuck her head under the lilac bush, which shed water on her. She turned right around and went right back inside. :) I probably ought to put her out again, since she hasn’t /done/ anything yet…

Ted’s downstairs studying for a test, and occasionally saying, “Frell!” I wonder what’s going on.

Oh! Writerly news! I got email from the 3 Seas Literary Agency verifying that the Angles ms had in fact made it there and she’s been out of the office and she’ll try to read it in the next week or so. So that’s that.

Walked 3.5 miles last night in the VERY WET. Oh, and then came home to an *insanely* good beef roast that Ted made. And *insanely* good roasted potatoes. Yum!

miles to Rivendell: 224.5
ytd wordcount: 209,000

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