I really like this RotK countdown calendar, and not just because the delightful creator of it posted another Boromir photo just for me. *beam*

While I’m posting cool stuff (I thought I’d posted this last night, but apparently I failed to save it): a medieval Irish gown, complete with construction history. I think it’s a /great/ gown. I sort of want one. Perhaps in another 50 pounds. :)

I’m *cheerful* today. Maybe ’cause the sun’s shining. Oh, and I emailed Jennifer to say, ‘so what does ‘move quickly’ mean in publisher time’, since it was like 93 days from query to purchase on Urban Shaman, and that, to me, is moving quickly, but according to Jenn, it’s moving ‘extra super double fast’ and that three months is not a long time, especially with Tor, which is apparently *notoriously* slow, as opposed to *just* slow.

Oop, must do work.

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