Well, as far as *I’m* concerned, JK got it exactly right. *beams*


  1. out_totheblack

    I am trying to avoid spoilers till I can read it. One of my friends, salymander, has created a spoiler back drop on her LJ page and I am desperately trying not to look . . . but it is really hard.

  2. mizkit

    I had some very specific ideas on what needed to happen, and although they did not happen in the way I expected, they basically happened, and I am *totally* happy. Except for one detail that should’ve gotten screen time and didn’t. But otherwise, she done real good.

  3. skeagsidhe

    Really, all the major plots got tied up, though like you, not all in the way I would have expected. All the characters who needed face time got it. People who needed further background exposition got it. People who I hoped would come into their own did. I’m much more pleased than I had planned to be.

    Out of curiosity, which detail? (you can email me to avoid spoilers)

  4. dreamstrifer

    JK Rowling, my friend Ellabel and I decided, killed our souls (or sent them into hiding).

    But totally in an amazingly awesome way.

    I”m a big fan of authors who can kill my soul but in awesome ways. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

    She got it exactly right, definitely. :-)

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