I saw a bear last night while I was biking!

I was about to bike around the corner where I saw the bear /last/ year, and I thought to myself: “He was about forty feet away, just at the next corner, when I saw him,” and I went around the corner and there was ANOTHER bear in JUST the same place!

We were both pretty startled. :) He scurried up the trail, and then somebody else came the other direction — I was sort of creeping along seeing what he’d do — and he ran off into the bushes.

A couple minutes later I saw a bull moose, and then a family of spruce hens, which I don’t think I’d ever seen before. And I scared a baby moose (and he scared me!) on the way back home, and I startled a young cow moose who went for a run alongside the trail (several yards away, through a barrier of trees) next to me for thirty or forty feet, and then later there was a great crashing crunkling cracking noise and a branch fell down from a tree behind me. All and all, a pretty exciting ride!

Plus, I rode 20 miles. :) Which puts me at about … 70? For the last week? Not bad. :)