Well, that’s better than it *was*. I have been popped. There is still pain, but I can breathe more easily now, so that’s better than it *was*. Also, Shaun gave Chantico a couple of ice cubes to chew on and she is the *happiest* puppy. *laugh*

Shaun /also/ brought her a new bone home, so she has a big bone to wrestle around and gnaw on and romp and leap and jump at, so I am a very happy human as well.

My cousin Alanna is in town! She’s got a job interview that she’s presumably still at even as we speak, and she’ll be here all weekend. I hope she gets the job; that would be very nifty! She came over and admired our new house a lot and then we went to lunch aaaand well, and then there were back spasm and you’ve been here for the rest of it. Or something like that. :)