The thing I hate about paying bills is that when I’m done, there’s no money left. :) However, it seems that my new pay schedule is on opposite weeks from Ted’s, which means there’s money every week, which may make the whole thing seem a little less like lurching horribly from paycheck to paycheck. Hey, I take what I can get. :)

I had a *great* swim tonight. I did about 3200 yards, and I could have done another thousand if there’d been time. Furthermore, I did my last 500 in under 9 minutes, which is hardly competition time, of course, but I noticed in the first fifty of it that I was kind of fucking around, so I scolded myself and put some heart into it, and it was fantastic. If I keep adding 500 yards a day, though, I’m going to have to start swimming in the mornings, when there’s a 2 hour block of time, instead of in the evenings, when there’s only 90 minutes. Or, well, as Ted said, I’ll have to swim faster. :)

*God*, but I love swimming. You get in the zone and it’s like you’re flying. Your muscles are warm and don’t need that pesky oxygen stuff, and every stroke is a great stretch, and it just feels so *good*. My lungs feel all clear and capable and my muscles are a good kind of sore and loose and relaxed all at once, and *yeah*. Why don’t I do this *always*? Mmm, I just feel so good! *wriggle wriggle*! Oh, and I must be imagining it, because, like, only 4 days of exercise, but my cheekbones look have looked thinner to me the last couple of days. *dancie dance*!

swam: 3250 yards

feeling: awesome