books, boxes, beer

Okay, there’s no beer, but it was alliterative.

I have now packed almost all of the downstairs books. There’s a handful of gaming books left over and the few things we’re keeping out another week or two before we move.

There are 41 boxes of books.


Now I’m out of boxes (again), but I have not yet packed the upstairs books. There are another, I don’t know, 5-10 boxes worth up there/left downstairs, I’d say.

I mean, to be TOTALLY fair, I’ve been packing the graphic novels and gaming stuff with towels and linens and things so that people of normal strength (ie, me) can lift the fecking things without herniating themselves. But I’d have to pack those anyway, and at least the fecking things can be lifted without herniating myself. :p

We have roughly equal quantities of books, graphic novels, and gaming material. I need to learn to read comics on a screen, because OMFG. I had grim intentions of culling more of the GNs, but then it turned out I wanted to re-read quite a few of them before making that decision (which, actually, is pretty much the definition of how I decide if something’s cullable, so that’s okay then), but aghghglglhgl. So. Many. Books.

*sigh* The next stage is going through all the random paperwork that was previously hiding on all those shelves, and ditch as much of it as is humanly possible. And get more book boxes. And pack the upstairs books, and then go through all THAT random paperwork. And…yeah, no. That’s too much to think about already. :p

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