(written 12.18.05) Well, Breic’s birthday party went very well. :) I went out to Blackrock on Saturday morning to make a wemon cake, which was Breic’s request for his birthday cake, and he was sufficiently excited about the prospect that he didn’t want to go with his daddy to turn the movies back in or to play in the park. He just wanted to help Aunt Catie! We kind of compromised on him helping me make the frosting, and he went off with Gavin. He also went down for his nap really fast, thank goodness, and slept a long time, thus making the afternoon a pleasant one. :) Seirid didn’t sleep nearly as much, but he was good-natured anyway. My goodness that child likes to bounce. You can bounce him out of almost any sulk. He is the epitome of a bouncing baby boy. :)

Mom and Dad and Ted and Shaun got there around 3, I think, and Breic got very excited indeed. There was going to be a PARTY! *laugh* A friend of Deirdre’s from her yoga classes (I assume!) came over with her year-old boy, who is quite a fetching little moppet with big brown eyes and very soft baby-fine brown hair falling into them, so for quite a while there were three little boys running around yelling. Poor Ted, who is sensitive to noise, came away with a headache, but not a migraine, which is good.

Breic *did* help me with the frosting, which is far less disasterous than one might think. He’s really quite a good little helper. He keeps his fingers out of the way, but he turned the mixer on and off and put his hand on the handle while I mixed it, so he got to mix it from his perspective, and when I had to do bits that I needed both hands for I’d put him down and promise to call him back for the next mixing bit, and he’d tear off to report on the frosting or other things, and come back when I called. He got to pour the lemon juice into the frosting mix and help me mix it up, and then I said we were done, and he was completely satisfied and went running off while I frosted the cakes. :)

He had a rather overwhelming number of presents, but the undisputed hit was the plastic armor and buckler and sword, which he spent the rest of the evening playing with and running back and forth and telling us how he’d fought the dragon or the sea monster or the giant, but then assuring us the were only *pretend*, so we didn’t have to be afraid. Once I accidentally walked through his sea monster, and he told me I had to stand *here* so I’d be *safe* and then he fought the sea monster to save me. :) He was willing to eat dinner, but not enough to take his armor off. The cake and ice cream, however, he was willing to take the armor off for. I gave him three scoops of ice cream. Hey, he’s not my kid. I didn’t have to put him to bed. :) Far as I’m concerned, Deirdre oughta be grateful I asked instead of just giving him a frosting beater to lick. :)

Midway through his cake and ice cream, he announced, *very* loudly, “This is a NICE party!”

And it was. :)