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Got safely to Longford yesterday, after a fairly mind-numbing train journey. Got keys to the house today, and Mom and I spent a while moving furniture around until it met with something resembling our satisfaction. If I were a good and moral person I’d go spend some time cleaning the house tonight, but I think instead I’ll do some work, and tomorrow clean the house when I need a break from writing. The other thing I need to do tomorrow is bring a list of demaproblems over to the estate agent so we can either be not blamed for them later or they can be fixed. And I shall take pictures of the house then, to show its condition when we move in.

I finished revising, where “revising” means “rewrote half of,” chapter one today. Looked at chapter two. The first scene and the last sentence are good. The rest of it pretty much needs to be thrown out. :) So I’m going to try to get that done tonight, and if I’m feeling really ambitious maybe I’ll try to get through chapter three, too, but I suspect that’ll be more for tomorrow. And then I’ll fling myself wholesale into writing.

Oh, Jenn, Michael: Dad’s located at least one pub with regular trad sessions, and two others with monthly sessions. I thought you’d be glad to hear it. :)

Arright, I should turn the wireless off now and work a bit.

ytd wordcount: 207,400
miles to Minas Tirith: 499.3

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