busy busy!

Productive evening! I biked 12 miles and saw a flock of about 130 swans out on the mud flats, digging for food. It was *amazing*. There were just dozens upon *dozens* of them. I stopped and got off my bike and gaped at them. It was really neat. *beam*

And then I came home and I WROTE. FINALLY. 1300 words to finish ch. 7. 15K for the story so far, and I anticipate about 44K more to finish the book. I intend to finish by May 24. Dot iz zer plan.

50K in 30 days: 1309
ytd wordcount: 124,300
miles to Rivendell: 55.5

Ooh! Oooh! I get to keep track of Sarah’s miles, too.

Sarah’s miles to Rivendell: 12

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