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We had a busy day out at the zoo, where I concluded that the 18-100mm lens, while much easier to carry (nevermind focus, since it’s got auto-focus and my Big Lens doesn’t), is not really up to the task of Kitsnaps-quality images. The absurd megapixels on the new camera makes up for that to some degree, but I fear I wasn’t, overall, enormously satisfied with today’s photography.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t get some nice pictures, of which this wee series is one of my favorites:

Kitsnaps: Parenthood
Kitsnaps: Parenthood

It was really nice to get out into sunshine and relative warmth. Last week at baby group everybody was tired, headachy, kind of sick, just generally miserable. I concluded we probably all needed six or eight months of direct sunlight. Sigh. As soon as I land that multi-jillion dollar book deal I think we’ll all retire to the coast of Spain. Well, you know. Not retire, obviously, if I have a multi-jillion dollar book deal to write for, but anyway.

Speaking of which, I read the second DINOCALYPSE book yesterday (bizarrely, Young Indiana let me read an entire book while he played happily by himself! o.O), and there were some great Amelia moments to help me shape the character for the book I’ll be writing soon. She’s fierce. That should be fun to write.

I had a vague thought of doing something *purely* for fun once I’ve written STONE’S THROE. I mean, my nephew’s books are great fun, but they’re verbally contracted to him, so they’re not *purely* for fun. OTOH, realistically, I have so many “ooh, that’d be great!” projects on the back burners that I’d probably never be able to decide what to write if I did something Just For Fun. :)

It just struck me that STONE’S THROE will be my 25th published book (if you take the whole “Take A Chance” series as one, which I do). Twenty-five books in 9 years is quite a lot. Have I caught up to Jim yet?

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