busy day

I actually managed to go swimming this morning, thanks mostly to Ted, who said, at 9:20, “Are you going swimming?” So I got up and went swimming. It wasn’t a very *enthusiastic* swim, but at least I went. And then we went shopping and bought yet another bookcase, and I came home and cleaned the bedroom.

This is a monumental task. It’s also not quite finished, but it’s a lot better than it was. There are now 2 more bookcases up there than there were, and 2 more dresser-drawer things, the latter of which are not full and the former of which are. The floor has, thank god, finally been vacuumed. The bed is made. The laundry is … well, stuffed in the closet where it can’t be seen, anyway. The bathroom is clean. The … I guess that’s everything, ’cause my brain has shorted out on what else I might’ve done.

After swimming, shopping, and cleaning, I made chocolate chip cookies, and ate more than I can count. Which is probably like eight, but it was too many. Doh. :)

And then I read a couple of books. All in all, it was not a lazy Sunday afternoon!