busy, despite myself

busy day, despite myself.

i got a site finished this morning, and then we went to buy a new split keyboard because there were no XP drivers for mine (fuckers), and while we were at Best Buy we accidentally bought SG-1 season 4. Oop.

Stopped by the pound in hopes of finding Annie there, but we didn’t. :( We’ve put an ad in the paper and called Friends of Pets and put up posters. I don’t know what else to do. :(

Um. What else. Oh. Then I went and got a massage to see if it would help my horrible shoulder/elbow/pinky problem that stems from using a standard keyboard, and it did. Came home to do a little more work and to install the new keyboard, the latter of which was successful and the former of which was not; the VPN went down and I can’t connect to work. *sigh* They’re working on fixing it.

We also went and got our hairs cut, after that. And had an ice cream for a snack rather than having lunch at 4pm, so we might manage to eat dinner at a reasonable time instead of at 9 o’clock.

That’s about it, then.