busy evening

FINALLY. Some WRITING got done. I did the timeline for FOOL’S GOLD and have hit 11 major plot points/significant moments, which I think will be 2-3 chapters each, so I think I’ve got myself a book. Now all I have to do is write it. No prollem! :)

Biked 15 miles this evening. It was a /gorgeous/ night and a great ride. Very content with that. And that’s 3.8 miles towards my walk to Rivendell, too, which is nice. Oh, and Ted went rollerblading with his new rollerblades! Yay Ted!

Got v. nice feedback from Ellen on my mermaid drawing. She likes the foreshortening, which I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL FOR, because I spent literally hours and probably twenty attempts at drawing that damned hand before I finally got it right. Still lots of work to do on it, but she approves of the general direction. :)

Bed now. Tired Kit.

Miles to Rivendell:
Jai: 36.4
Ted: 2
Catie: 49.5