busy so far

Busy day so far. I got up at the crack of dawn, which happens to be around a quarter to 9 these days, and did some work on TB, which is to say, I got to ch. 8, which is the one I have to throw out entirely, and wrote some doodly notes about what I thought might happen instead. I couldn’t put my chair back in my book nook, because I needed to vacuum it and people were still sleeping, and so I couldn’t write, so instead I made a loaf of bread and did some more thinking doodles. After a while everybody else got up and I vacuumed and Ted put my chair back (I have such a good husband) and we went shopping, during which we discovered nobody in this town is carrying snow shovels. Buh. Eventually we found some (at the locally owned hardware store, go fig) and came home again, where I worked more on the bread and am now eating lunch and writing this. In a while I anticipate there being shoveling. :)