busy weekend, man

I’m just Lil’ Miss Suzy Homemaker this weekend. I made banana bread and brownies and cleaned the bathroom. Well. It’s cleaner than it was. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to actually say it’s /clean/. We also shopped and went to theh post office and now the Farscape tape is winging its way to Sarah, and this afternoon after baking I had to take a nap, so I curled up under the Rogue blanket and slept for about an hour and a half, which was very good but it did sort of throw a wrench into the works because I neither drew nor wrote during that hour and a half, which sorta put me behind schedule.

Despite this, we’re going to go see Chicago in an hour or so. :)

I *also* went to the gym, after waking up from my nap, and that was a very good thing. I had a nice workout.

Man, all I’ve eaten today is some french toast and a piece of banana bread. I’ll be glad when dinner’s ready! Which should be any minute now, actually, so off I go. Zum!