But we’re EVIL!

Chargen for our new game went slowly last night, so I did a couple of head sketches of my new character, RaShan. I think she looks like Rynnaen’s psycho, evil twin.

We’re playing a Bloodlines game and I think it’ll be fun. I’m playing a half-elf rogue with demon bloodlines; Shaun’s a (6’5″) dwarven monk with Stormgiant bloodlines, and Coby’s playing a red dragon bloodlined wizard. He likes fire. o.o Shaun and I are playing lawful-evil characters and Coby’s playing a chaotic-neutral. We killed a couple of teenagers having sex in the room we had to sneak through, and Ted was all “AUGH!” We were like, “But we’re EVIL!”

RaShan is very sexy. Ted (who does my character sheets for me because I have no use for it) asked if I wanted a hand crossbow. I said, “Can it be sexy?” He wrote, “Hand crossbow, sexy,” on my charsheet. :) He said, “Do you want leather shadow-armor?” I said, “Is it sexy?” He said, “It’s black and lets you sneak around in shadows.” I said, “Yes!”

Actually, chargen took long enough that we barely got any RP done, but we did kill the teenagers and get to the floor of the building we needed to be on. :) Then we called it a night, ’cause Coby was going to go pick somebody up from the airport.

Coby brought his dog, Dakota, over. Dakota’s a very nice dog, except Lucy hates interlopers and Chanti’s a weenie, so the only animal in the house who wanted to be friends was Zilli, and Lucy had scared Dakota away from the cats, so Zilli didn’t get to have a new friend. And one of the cats, we suspect Lucy because she was *reaaaaallly* pissed about the strange animal in the house, pooped on Shaun’s bed. :/ So probably we will not have Dakota over again (don’t worry, Coby, we don’t hate you or Dakota or anything!). Phooey.

Ted cleaned our bathroom yesterday and it is a thing of beauty now. And he made me *all three* meals yesterday. I am a spoiled, spoiled Kit. :)

Going to go see my cousin Alanna-na’s play this afternoon, yay!