cat exploded!

A cat exploded kind of writing morning. I got 2300 words written this morning and then worked 2.5 chapters back in to the book, although they are not yet edited. Still, it puts me at 60K! Only 40 to go! Hooray! Well, ok, we’ll see how close to 60K I am when I’ve gotten the necessary edits done, but it’ll be closer to 60 than 50, at least!

Perhaps this afternoon I’ll try to get a thousand written on TQB, too. I know where I’m going with that, I just haven’t sat down to work on it in a few days. Am *very* pleased with this morning’s work on TB, though, because, er, well, because! And ooh, there’s at least one sniffly bit in it. Sniiiif! :)

Writing is *so* much more fun than work. :)

ytd wordcount: 22,500