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Young Indiana and I went to see Home, which was a sweet little film. It’s also the first animated film I can think of since Prince of Egypt where white people were only incidental background characters instead of the homogeny, which was great.

Today is Mother’s Day in Ireland. I have been greeted with a lie-in, a homemade card, and waffles with strawberries, which is a pretty nice start to the day. I was gonna go see Insurgent, except it doesn’t start until next week. Darn it. Maybe I can see Chappie instead. Or not. :)

I have a stack of ARCs to read. Is it a stack if they’re all electronic? Anyway, a virtual stack, including Chrysoula Tzavelas’s CITADEL OF THE SKY, which is currently being Kickstarted and which I have not yet read much of but I love its opening paragraph. I also have Beth Cato’s next Clockwork book, and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s THE DRAGON, THE WITCH & THE RAILROAD, which is a new book in her Seashell Archives series from the 80s. I *love* Kickstarter, that it can make things like this happen!

I finished Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy last week. I think they’re similiar to but perhaps a little better than her Mortal Instruments books, and in the end I was really pleased with how she handed the romantic entanglement. It’s not what I would have done, but it was possibly better, and that’s always nice. :)

I’ve also read several of Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mysteries, which are pretty good little cosies. I’ve learned a surprisingly interesting amount about apple farming, and she includes recipes at the back of the books and there are several I want to try, so that’s kinda cool too. :)

I may have *accidentally* a little bit picked up a couple non-fiction books at Chapters yesterday. One, THE NOIR FORTIES, is a research book for the REDEEMER series and the other is, er. Not. O.O It’s TIGRESS OF FORLÍ, a history of Caterina Sforza, who sounds fascinating. And also I got the latest Benjamin January book by Barbara Hambly. :)

Let’s see, what else. We finished s3 Person of Interest, which…gosh. That’s a game-changer. And we watched the first episode of Powers, which was probably slightly more than I needed to watch. I could have stopped after the first 5 minutes, in fact. Agents of SHIELD has gotten pretty good, although I’d rather have full seasons of Agent Carter, given my druthers.

A post of mine, Representation matters, has gone viral on Tumblr! Almost 60,000 notes as of posting-time, which is just crazy. Last week it was at 6K, and I thought THAT was lots! :) It’s the most popular thing I’ve ever written on the internet. :)

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