catchup and other stuff

Chantico is on probation from her kennel, and gets to stay in the kitchen when she’s not being actively watched by a person. So far it’s working fairly well, unless there are things close enough to the edge of the counter for her to get them down. She ate an envelope yesterday. But I’m using a kiddie gate to keep her in, and despite her small-puppyhood enthusiasm for climbing over those gates, she’s hanging out in there without much fuss. Gooooood puppy. We’re working on ‘lie down’ as a concept. As long as I’ve got a treat for her, she gets it. We need to get more treats! :)

food yesterday: 1 brownie, bowl of cereal, 1/2 quesadilla, 1/2 root beer, grapes, small steak, baked potato, peas, glass of milk, kid-size scoop of ice cream