Daily Life

Feel free to share and/or use/amend it for your own purposes. *** To the Irish Government: I have watched the ‘return to school’ plans develop over the past week with increasing horror and dismay and am now writing to ask you what the actual fuck the government thinks it’s doing. The HSE’s guidelines indicate a […]

My husband is starting a new job on Tuesday (a promotion! Yay!), & upon hearing he was leaving, his coworkers offered the appropriate congratulations and speeches of woe, the latter of which included, “b..b..but…but…pecan pie…???” So I’m making them a pecan pie, & have finally perfected my process for the recipe I invented several years […]

I’ve had A Thought, and tweeted about it some, and now I’m going to discuss it with you! My Thought was about how much transparency readers want. And…see, on one hand, writers feel like they’re talking about this stuff ALL THE TIME, and it’s information we all know, so it’s sort of hard to tell […]

A series of picoreviews for things I’ve watched on streaming lately: The Old Guard: Loved it. Want more. Fave bit: not the Romantic Speech scene, but its aftermath when it cuts back to them. Although the speech itself, and those characters, are wonderful. Solid movie, will watch again v. soon. Warrior Nun: The pacing of […]

all right FINE after attempting EVERY POSSIBLE LEGAL METHOD & (let’s be honest) a couple of quasi-legal methods of streaming Leverage, i have BOUGHT NOT ONLY THE DVDS BUT ALSO A PORTABLE DVD/BLU-RAY PLAYER SO I CAN WATCH IT WHILE USING THE EXERCISE CYCLE, GOD DAMN IT i feel that this is SOMEWHAT OVER THE […]