Picoreview: Inhumans

Picoreview: Inhumans: not *as* bad as the reviews said. To further illuminate that comment, I also went to see Rough Night this week, and of the two, Inhumans is not the one I wanted to walk out of. That said, you should not in any way mistake it for *good*. I went because I was sort of horrifiedly fascinated to see just how bad it was, after all the scathing reviews. The result may be that my expectations were SO LOW that I could not actually be disappointed. Also, there…

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Fly Girls: Miz Adventuress

You remember a while back when I posted about a fabulous coat and the ruin of two families? And how we wanted to do a web comic? Well, I did one. A little one, anyway, of the story Leah Moore and I fangirled at each other about the coat. :) It was so much fun! ♥ :)

Slice of Life: Amazed

An actual conversation that took place in our house yesterday, recorded in web comic form mostly for my friend Mikaela. Indy said, “Who’s that?” and I said, “Daddy,” and he said, “Why does he look so AMAZED?” so I figure I got the gist of it right. :)

Picoreview: Jessica Jones

Picoreview: Jessica Jones: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I had a concerned rant about Jessica Jones after the first trailer was released, and I am very very glad to say that my concerns were unfounded. The story was not, as it seemed from that trailer, “the girl is a victim but now she’s Fighting Back.” It was considerably more “the girl’s abuser returns and she fucks his shit up,” only vastly more awesome. It also wasn’t a *horror* vibe so much as a noir one (some of the CAMERA WORK, OMG!), which was a…

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MCU & Jessica Jones

I’ve watched the Jessica Jones trailer, which is not particularly usual for me, and I’m profoundly torn on it. On one hand, FINALLY we get a female-led superhero story. Jessica Jones is a good character, long varied comic book history, popular following, etc: all of that is good. Like every character who’s had a showcase of (up until now, his) own, the Jessica Jones trailer has clearly got its own vibe: it’s pretty horror-movie-feeling, which isn’t a direction any of the others have gone. So that’s all to the good.…

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