Catie’s Somewhat Disastrous Day


1. walked out the door, closed it behind me, realized i’d forgotten my keys

2. decided I’d go to Ted’s work and get his keys, got to the bus, discovered i’d ALSO forgotten my wallet/bus pass

3. texted the landlord to ask if he was around and could let me into the house. fortunately, he was, so I got back in, got my keys, got my wallet, and went out to the shop that said on its website that it had marshmallow creme

4. the website was wrong

5. got interviewed by newstalk radio on research that’s been done saying people have more affairs at this time of year and christmas parties were a place they started and had i ever seen something like that starting at a christmas party. told them i was a novelist who only talked to people in my head and never went to christmas parties, so i wouldn’t know

6. stopped for hot chocolate after all that, which was a mistake because by then it was really too late to stand in line for eight minutes when i needed to be home by 11

7. got a call at EXACTLY 11am saying the grocery delivery, which was scheduled between 11 and 1 and which, for the last three deliveries, had arrived at the last minute of the scheduled window, was there at the very first minute of the scheduled window this time

8. got the grocery guy to leave the groceries on the porch

9. put the groceries away when i got home 15 minutes later

10. it was only 11:20 by then. that was enough for one day.