CE Murphy’s Fantasy Fudge

You guys are a bad influence. :) Enough people said “tryyyyy it” that I went ahead and launched a Fantasy Fudge Project page, which amuses me, at the least. (And, er, it’s actually already gotten more funding than I would have expected, honestly. You’re not only a bad influence but you’re wonderful. And funny. *laughs*)

Ted and I actually sat down and costed everything out last night (there are advantages to being married to a professionally trained chef!) and while the early backer fudge is expensive, it’s actually a pretty practical price, especially given that it includes S&H. :) But don’t worry, in the unlikely event the early backer stuff sells out, there’ll be more expensive options later! :)

It’ll start with regular chocolate fudge. Recipes will include chocolate, chocolate walnut (okay, admittedly that’s a bit of a cheat; you just add chopped walnuts), peanut butter, maple, maple-ginger, and dairy-free fudge, as well as homemade marshmallow creme. In the event we should reach higher stretch goal levels I’ll find and test some diabetic fudge recipes and add that in too. Y’know. Stuff like that. :)

Not to take wind from my own sails, but Medieval PoC, which is the actual reason the Internet exists, nevermind cat gifs and Tom Hiddleston pics, has launched a Patreon campaign, and are frankly much more important than fudge and could use support!

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