chicken. headless. bwock.

Yesterday was insanely busy. Well, it felt insanely busy, anyway. I wrote a bunch of new stuff for ch. 7->8, although I didn’t finish it (fnrt), cleaned the kitchen and made mac&cheese for lunch, and then Ted and I went out and ran around doing stuff for what seemed like a very long time indeed.

Got a head halter lead thingy for Chanti, so I’ll try putting that on her and taking her out for a little tiny walk later today. Got a different sort of cat food for Zilli and we’ll see if Mr. Stinky Butt responds well to it. I hope so; it’d be nice to not have to order food from Outside for the little monster. Stopped by Best Buy to find the Hellboy soundtrack, but they didn’t have it! Waugh! And went to Fred Meyer, then to New Sagaya, to do our shopping. Came home and put the groceries away and made brownies. Made bbq meatballs for dinner. Coby came over, we hung out a while, we had dinner, I went to make frosting for the brownies, and got an onset of the tummy blorts that were sufficiently bad, and sufficiently close enough to having eaten, that I ended up not just emptying my digestive system the traditional way, but I also vomited up dinner. Then I went to bed. o.O

So no gaming last night. o.o

Thus far this morning I’ve finished my ch. 8(7) rewrite, gotten bread started, and walked. And I am v. sleepy. Time to be away from this computer! Zoof!

ytd wordcount: 126,900
miles to Rivendell: 392