Chipper! Writing makes a person chipper. I have managed 1901 words today and finished a chapter, which puts me 3 chapters into this YA novel, FOOL’S GOLD, that I’m working on. It is quite unashamedly inspired by the Elizabeth Smart case; my protagonist has just been removed from a similar situation, and the novel follows the next year of her life. I think the situation is absolutely fascinating psychologically and I’m hoping to do it justice.

In other news, I rearranged my novels page so it’s all tidy and, er, arranged, and while doing so, I found that adding in silly things like: HOUSE OF CARDS & HANDS OF FIRE coming later in 2003! and THUNDERBIRD FALLS: coming this fall! makes me really really want to work on those novels. :) Marith says I’m victim to my own advertising. I guess so! :)

ytd wordcount: 105,900