*clears throat*

Happy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY dear Esmerel, Silkblade, Fahri, Novella, Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Superman and MEEEEEEEEEE!

THE OLD RACES: ORIGINS For my birthday, I offer you the opportunity to go buy THE OLD RACES: ORIGINS short story collection! (I know, I’m so thoughtful. :))

at Amazon
at Barnes & Noble
At Smashwords
at cemurphy.net (PDF only)

Why PDF only at cemurphy.net, you ask? After all, don’t I get basically ALL the money if you buy it direct? Well, yes, I do. But if you buy it through any of the other retailers, it raises the collection’s profile, making it more likely for *other* people to find it and buy it. I think probably in the long run that’s worth more than the extra dollar I get through a direct sale.

So: if you have an e-reader and really want to give me a birthday present, go ahead and go buy the collection. Write a review of it and give it four or five stars if you like it.

ORSSP patrons: this is a GREAT TIME for you to go write a review and star it heavily! You’ve already read all these stories! Go make it look good! *big hopeful eyes* :)

(Seriously, though, Amazon and B&N need to adjust their system so that a user can upload the book, go through the whole “publishing” process, and set a time/date for it to actually go live for sale, because all week I’ve been like YAY FRIDAY and instead of books going up on time I get “Your book will be available for sale in 12-72 hours.” Argh.)

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