come along, my darling

Yesterday on Moore Street I noticed a man who looked kind of like a blunt-cut, knock-off Michael Fassbender. Good looking, if not as good looking as Fassbender.

A minute later Young Indiana wandered several steps away from me and stopped to look at something. I said, “Come along, my darling,” and the Fassbender knock-off turned toward me in slow surprise.

I laughed and said, “Wrong darling, sorry,” and off we all went our separate ways. :)

I keep trying to make posts and I can’t think of anything to write about. @.@ Too many things of not enough relevance, I guess. Or not enough brain, more likely. I have a bunch of recent reads and picoreviews to do and I just keep forgetting. And I want to do some more of those Reader Question things. (People should ask me questions.)

Last night I got a chance to work on my book, and surprised myself by getting 2300 words or so done on it. I’d figured the whole evening would be spent trying to remember what I was doing. So that was good. And today I get to go work again, so there’s a faint chance that by the weekend I may get the first chapters off to the beta readers, whose job will then be to tell me if I’m Doin It Rite. If I am, I will get to carry on until finished or the end of the month, whichever comes first.

I’m having some thinks about the Patreon project, MAGIC & MANNERS, that I want to write up, too. (Ursula has posted some Patreon thoughts, too, which are good thoughts.)

Yes. Okay. I’m going to go work on the bread now, and wonder whether this will crosspost to LJ (the last post didn’t).

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