comics and stuff

So Amy, the girl at the comic shop (ok, she’s not the _only_ one, but she’s the one who counts) is very nice and usually pulls Ted’s comics for him early, because we tend to come in before the pulls are done (only because they do pulls last. Is that not screwed up?). So as a thanks, Ted brought her two jars of homemade jam, one of raspberry and one of blackberry. Amy was very very excited and pleased! Amy wanted to go home right away and have some toast! It was pretty cool. So that was a nice thing. :)

Of course, then I wanted to put Nobilis on layaway (because it’s goddamned expensive) and so that made the other girl at the comic shop doooooomed because she’d never done that before, or maybe she had but she couldn’t remember how, so despite the jam I was clearly there to make their life difficult, and /then/ I wanted to know why they’d never gotten an Ultimate Wolverine and where was the Ultimate Colossus, which was supposed to be out today? And Amy said, “Talk to him!” and I said I couldn’t, because I couldn’t remember his name, and she said, “Eric!” and so I said to Eric, “Eric! Where are the Ultimate busts?” and, “Why didn’t you get me any? I said I wanted the whole Ultimates line!” and he said, “If it’s not written down, I can’t remember it!” So I sighed dramatically and made them write it down, and he called up the store in Eagle River and is having a Wolvie bust sent over for me, and they’ll get me a Colossus. Hnf. I’m so difficult. :)

Calling U-Haul now…