commissioned short stories!

I have a burst of short story writing coming up, stuff I’ve owed people for some time, and along with it there’s a distinct possiblity I’m going to be offering up to five commissioned short stories for a fundraising campaign my sister will be running soon.

These stories will be about 3000-5000 words and can, within reason, be anything the patron wants: I’ll write in any of my established universes (albeit nothing with Walker Papers spoilers), or I’ll write something new; retold fairy tales, a story about your cat’s super powers, whatever you want. I’d *prefer* not to write fan fiction, mostly because one of my caveats for doing this kind of thing is usually that I retain the rights so that I can re-sell the stories later if the opportunity arises, and one can’t re-sell fic, but if you really want a fic and feel moved to make a more-than-bottom-dollar pledge for a fundraiser short story, we can talk. :)

My going rate for short stories is $500+; whether that’s where we start with my sister’s campaign or not is yet to be determined, but if you’d like me to write a story for you, consider this to be advance warning on the ballpark you’ll be looking at. :)

There are also likely to be opportunities for buying yourself a Tuckerization, also known as getting to have your name in a book or short story. Those’ll probably go for about $150 a pop (I know it’s a weird amount, but we’re dealing with euro conversions here, which makes things, well, weird), and I’ll probably be doing 5-10 of those, with the caveat that the more I do the longer it may take to get your name into a book. :)

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