I am CONSPIRED against! Conspired against by ANGIE and EMILY and SARAH and by my VERY OWN HUSBAND!

I can’t put it better than they did, though:

Sarah: See, we’ve received advance notice that there will be a large gathering in the south of the state known as California, sometime early in February.

Emily: And, there’s word that there will be music and dancing and good food.

Angie: and i’ve heard something about this strange white-haired boy, though that probably doesn’t mean anything to you.

Sarah: And seeing how there is only ONE (1) SuperKit who could figure out who this strange white-haired boy might be, we at the Agency have decided that it’s imperative that she travel south from the land of snow and ice and investigate first-hand.

Emily: But, knowing that she is loyal to her duties in the land of snow and ice, we determined that it would not be a simple matter of telling her of this investigative opportunity. There would need to be more … incentive.

Angie: so the agency members rifled their pockets and hatched dire plots, involving satellite agencies, to determine the best way to have the best agent check out the situation.

Sarah: It wasn’t easy, we can guarantee you that! Several of our agents barely escaped with their lives. They’re telling harrowing stories in the debriefing. But, we’ve come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Angie: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to climb aboard a 12:40am flight on february the 8th, 2002, and journey to sacramento, california. there, you will meet with local agents, and travel to the wilds of los angeles. there is a time limit on this mission, in that you must return to your own land on february the 11th, at 1:15pm. this message will turn into glitter in five seconds.

And *TED* told them when I should come and go, apparently. *flails around* I am CONSPIRED against!

I have awfully good friends. And an even better husband, who lets me go flitting off to far ends of the earth. Boy, do I owe him something nice.