Cranky Girl Geek Is Cranky

So I occasionally buy things through Sideshow Collectibles, and I’m subscribed to their newsletter so I don’t miss any information about upcoming Rogue figurines.

Today I got the newsletter and it had a “go vote for the Avatar character you’d like to see as a maquette!” poll, and so, gleeful, I went to vote for Neytiri, because I’d buy a Neytiri maquette in a red hot minute.

Only she’s not an option. Norm the dork is, and Colonel Dickhead is, and the only reason I can think is because, hey, they’re boys, and boys are automatically more important THAN THE FEMALE LEAD. Sure, they’ve got Grace in there, because Grace is Sigourney Weaver and nobody’s dumb enough to leave *her* out of the lineup, and they’ve got Mo’at, for reasons which utterly befuddle me, because secondary character, anyone? But they don’t have the fricking FEMALE LEAD.