creeping up

Creeping up on 100K. Maybe I’ll make it by Saturday.

Obviously, from that opening, I got some writing done this evening. Actually, it’s been an incredibly nice evening. We zoofed out of the house as soon as I was done with work, and went over to Best Buy to buy season 6 Stargate, ’cause we only have 1 episode left on season 5. I was also hoping to find the boxed set of season 1 X-Men Evolution, but it wasn’t there or at Suncoast Video, so I’ll probably just order it off the net and have done with it.

Then we went zumming by the comic shop, where we didn’t stay particularly long, mostly, I suspect, because Christopher wasn’t around, but it was good we didn’t because we had plans to go see Girl With A Pearl Earring at Bear Tooth, which in fact we did. The only review I’d seen of it said it was stupifyingly dull, but Ted and I both really enjoyed it a great deal. So I’m really glad we went! *beam*

Came home, read comics (ok, comic, in my case). I’m *really*, *really* liking the current storyarc on Ultimate X-Men. The World Tour one kinda lost my interest, but this New Mutants one is great. And I loooove the artist, too. And Emma Frost, raar. I mean, damn. Daaaaamn. *Daaaaamn*. :)

Then, despite not *particularly* wanting to, I sat down to write. Aiming for 1000 words, got 1250, so that was decent.

It seems like I used to have other things to talk about, besides writing.

ytd wordcount: 97,900