critical thinks

Man, yesterday was a lot more frantic than I expected it to be.

Writing was interrupted (after, thank goodness, I’d reached my minimum quota) by the arrival! of! Books! Yay! Books! Also, five minutes later, Justin Gustainis‘ BLACK MAGIC WOMAN (which has a cover dismayingly similar to HOUSE OF CARDS, actually) arrived for me to read for possible blurbage, and I had to set it aside because otherwise there would be doom (it looks awfully good. It looks like an idea I wish I’d thought of.).

Eventually I staggered out of the house to do some shopping, returned triumphantly with berries (I’m starting to sound like Deborah!), spent way too much time enjoying reading reasons why I should send people books, and *finally* sat myself down to do another round of writing. Too late, because I ended up a hundred words shy of my goal before I went to have dinner and listen to music with Kate (which was extremely nice, though to our surprise the music apparently actually started on time, so by the time we wandered over half an hour or forty minutes after start-time, the pub was packed and hot and we weren’t as close to the musicians as we might’ve liked. OTOH, we got to talk, so that was okay too. :)).

I got home around 9:30 and instead of finishing my words, I discovered my editor’d sent me a PDF of the HANDS OF FLAME cover, which I think is gorgeous, but I didn’t have Photoshop on the new computer to properly manipulate it with. So I spent a harried while trying to get that dealt with (thank you, Trent) and never did actually get it posted yesterday, and am on the wrong computer to do it now.

And I spent a lot more time reading reasons why I should send people books. :)

Anyway, the point is I’ve got a couple things I’ve *got* to do today, and several others I should do, because yesterday was more chaotic than I expected. So:

critical thinks:
– write 1000 words, +yesterday’s last 100
– deal with all pending Chance issues, including:
» doing the thumbnail(s)
» setting up FTP
» figuring out cover art ideas
» respond to late-submission artists

less critical thinks:
– make bread
– clean kitchen (probably not in that order)
– shop for dinner (pretty critical, this)
– go to the gym
– don’t panic

(frantic; I need to add a ‘frantic’ to the icons list)

ytd wordcount: 31,800
miles to Minas Tirith: 63

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