a day in which nothing went right

I had a day in which nothing went right. Nothing went catastrophically WRONG, exactly, it was just nothing went…*right*, and it was very frustrating.

I went to buy a couple new earrings for my stupid ears, because I keep losing the ball ends of the ones I’ve got (although more memorably I lost the actual earring recently, which, rrgh), and only somewhat after the fact did I discover I’d had a miscommunication with the dude and had accidentally gotten a much longer post than I wanted. I’d been trying to say I didn’t want a shorter one than was in my ear; he thought I was saying I didn’t want one as SHORT as the one in my ear, so I ended up with one that’s just…too long for my tastes, but it being a thing that goes into the body, I can’t return it. So that was just…frustrating.

I met up with my sister, who was having a rough day of her own and had forgotten the thing she was supposed to bring me. And also her phone. Which was just about more than she could handle, poor thing. On the plus side: I met up with my sister, whom I love, so that was one thing that went right.

Then I wibbled horribly and finally decided that I would go ahead and go out to IKEA to get the grow lamp lights I needed, even though going out to Ikea is something of A Commitment in terms of time, because on the bus the absolute fastest it can be done is about 45 minutes of travel time, nevermind the actual time in Ikea. So out I went, and I stood at the things I wanted for a long time being confused because, as it turned out, the tag on them had incorrect information. Eventually I figured it out and asked someone about it and they looked for the thing I couldn’t find and finally sighed and said the whole time they’d had this product in this season, they’d had either the growhouse or the lights but not both. So I ran (literally) for the bus, managed to JUST catch it, and got back into Dublin after a fruitless 90 minute sojourn.

By then I was pretty low and tired, and it was sleeting and blowing a cold wind and generally miserable. I went to the bookstore, there to discover I did not have any credit slips with me (I’d given what I thought was the penultimate, but proved to be the ultimate, one to Ted the day before), so then I spent a lot of time wibbling about whether I should buy the book I’d gone in to buy, and missed all hope of going to any of the movies I’d intended to unless I didn’t want to get home until much later, so I ended up buying not only the book I’d gone in for but also a Beauty and the Beast blank book because I like both those things and felt so sorry for myself I wanted something nice.:}

So then I finally gave up on everything and went home, where Ted heard all about my frustrating day and kindly asked if I’d like to go to a movie *here*, but as I told him, at that point I didn’t really think it would make me feel any better. But it was nice of him to ask. ♥

It was, overall, remarkably dispiriting. I kept thinking that I’d been seeing things on the internet that said Monday was, like, statistically the most miserable day of the year, and that I’d missed the boat.

I hope your day was better.