day two!

Day two of actually getting up and exercising. Yay me! I also figured out why my right index finger knuckle was bruised yesterday. The jumprope has metal um rope attachment to the handle thingies, and when I miss a jump (which I do often) the way I hold the jumprope makes the metal rop attachment to the handle thingies smack into my knuckles. It appears that it only smacks on one side, so I expect that today I’ll have bruises on my left index finger knuckle, which is where I got smacked, causing me to realize how I’d gotten bruised yesterday.

I’m too fat to do an on-my-back bicycle with my butt in the air. How appalling. So I’m doing an on my back bicycle without my butt in the air, but ye gods. Did I mention appalling?

I forgot to go to The Full Monty last night. Tonight is a Sisters in Crime meeting at Barnes & Noble that I should go to. The prospect makes me slightly nervous. If there are people out there who are not bothered at all ever by the idea of going into a new situation, I want to bite them. I should go, though, ’cause I expect I’d have fun. Also, there’s no Buffy to interfere with it, so I really have no excuse.

Must write today. But first I must shower and eat! *zum*