did themorning come too early?

SO tired. *laugh* It was an insane weekend, in a great way.

I got up and wrote 1700 words on Saturday morning, and made bread. Dad called and asked if we wanted to go kayaking out on Eklutna Lake, so we did. We spent two hours out on the water, and my hands are still tired today. It was really really fun. :) We want to go out again soon, before 2pm, which is when we got there and apparently is when the wind kicks up. I took pictures! I’ll post some … as soon as I get my photo gallery software working again, sigh.

Then on Sunday we went out to the Lyses’ and swam in their lake for TWO HOURS! And had a barbeque and hung out and generally had a really good time. It was *really* fun. God, it was such an amazingly gorgeous weekend! Oh, and Chanti went swimming! She was a little uncertain about the whole water thing at first, but then she really got into it! And she was distressed that I kept swimming way out into the lake, and she wanted to follow me, but oh, poor puppy! She got very tired! And I had an inner tube, so I wasn’t nearly as tired! So Ted kept her near shore while I kicked out into the middle of the lake and said hi to Mom and Aunt Eileen, who were putting around the lake in the Lyses’ rowboat with the teeny tiny electric motor, and they told me that the lake was 71 degrees and 5 feet deep where I was. :) (They have a little temperature/depth gauge for their boat.)

Starving now. Getting breakfast.