doing better

The auld back is doing quite a lot better today. Not well, and being up and moving around for more than a few minutes wears me out pretty fast, but I’m doing better. I slept without the back brace last night and that was MUCH nicer. Lucy came and slept on my ribs this morning, and it didn’t hurt. Yay! Now she’s sleeping on the pillows/blankets I have set up for a knee rest (I’m supposed to have my knees over a pillow or something so my lower back doesn’t get flattened out in horrible ways). Fortunately, she’s not a very *big* cat, so there’s still room for my knees.

Sitting up still hurts, sadly.

It’s an unbelievably gorgeous day. I must get out of the house somehow, tonight. I’m very tired of these four walls. :P

There’s an essay sort of thing regarding writing coming up any moment now, except not right now.