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I’m in the process of transfering my domain registrations to 100megsdomains, which is the counterpart to the 100megswebhosting company I use. As all of my domains are already served off 100megs DNS and nameservers, this should be a completely transparent move, but since there’s always the distinct possibility, even likelihood, that something will go wrong, I thought I’d mention it in case my site goes down or I suddenly go email silent for a few days.

The latter of which is going to happen as of Thursday/Friday pretty much unquestionably anyway, as I’ll have moved out of Mom & Dad’s and will be waiting for Eirecom to come install a phone line and possibly DSL. There is no such thing as a sense of urgency among the Irish, so if we get a phone and broadband (or a phone, anyway, since broadband is a very slippery issue here) by the end of December we’ll be doing very well. I do not yet know if there’s a wireless spot in Athy. I’m not counting on it. :)

I’ll come in to Dublin once or twice a week to check email, no doubt, because who can stand going without email for so long? But if you think you might need to get ahold of me on short notice in the next month, drop an email to me at catie at cemurphy dot net to get my mobile number in the next few days.

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