don juan triumphant!

Don Juan triumphant!

6100 words today, *FIVE* chapters written wholesale and a sixth one finished, and one more chapter and I’ll be finished with the first third of the book. I am SOOOOOOOO smug! 16,400 words as an approximate total at the moment, , so if I in fact write three parts of generally equal length, I’ll come up with a 53K word book. At the moment, I’m suspecting it’s going to be around 40-45 chapters with an average chapter length around 1300-1350 words, which puts me somewhere between 52 and 59K — so overall, things are looking to come in at just about the same across the board. *God* I’m pleased.

The ms., on paper, is 88 pages right now. Mutiply that by 3, and I’ll be using a 10pt font to submit this critter to a contest, but that’s okayfine. Wow I’m feeling smug!