Dublin 2019!

Dublin 2019! That was the other thing I wanted to mention in yesterday’s Loncon blog!

As you know, Bob, Dublin is putting in a bid to host WorldCon in 2019. I got involved with the bid about 18 months ago, and I’m really excited about the prospect.

So, apparently, is everyone else: by Saturday night at Loncon there were apparently about 250 pre-supporters, people who have given 20 quid to help finance the bid itself as well as the convention. There were many others who asked if we would be at Shamrokon in Dublin *this* weekend, so they could place their pre-support payment then.

Furthermore, we had people asking who our guests of honour would be and what weekend we would be holding it. *laughs* Right now, at least, there sure seems to be a lot of positive buzz and enthusiasm, which is just terrific. Moreover, Loncon’s organiser this year, James Bacon, is also the man behind Dublin 2019, and he had the Convention Centre Dublin people over in London this weekend to show them what a Worldcon was. The venue is already secured, but they apparently came away pretty darn enthused about the prospect of having 8000 SFF fans descend upon them in 5 years’ time, which is wonderful. :)

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