Oh, there /was/ an earthquake this morning, then. I felt it, but I couldn’t decide if it was really an earthquake, or if it was just the cats jumping around on the bed. I thought it was probably an earthquake, but I apparently wasn’t awake enough to be able to bring myself to care much. :)

Ok, time to call my cousin Noël, who is either staying with us for Deirdre’s wedding, or who is not, depending on whether she thinks her allergie and the three animals are going to be an issue. I haven’t seen Noël since I was about 12. When I was growing up, Noël was Very Tall. Then when I saw her when I was about … 12. Or 15. I forget. She’d become Very Short. I was like five inches or something taller than she was. It traumatized my little world. :)

Hiccuping still hurts my back. Ow.