eat, drink, be merry

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die(t).

Well, I have eaten and drunken and am merry in an exhausted low-key way. Actually, I pretty much can’t breathe, so I’m really not that merry, but I’m going on a diet tomorrow anyway. Hopefully I will stay on a diet longer than just, y’know. Tomorrow. Dieting’s not so bad if you do it for just one day . . . *tired grin*

Meat and vegetable diet, mostly. Small portions, really. Small portions are most important. That’s gonna be hard to learn. Breakfast carbs because I like my cereal or oatmeal in the morning. Limit of 16oz of milk with lunch and dinner (8oz each, not 32 total), which, for me, is a real sacrifice. I really love milk.

Lots of super supper salads for lunch, I think. With small blobs of tuna, and probably no Ritz. Ritz aren’t necessary to make the meal. :) Or eggs, which upset my tummy.

I need to get some apples. And I need to cultivate more of a taste for oranges (I actually like them pretty well, but can rarely be bothered to eat them). I need to not make cookies or brownies or other sorts of sweets, because not having them around makes it a lot easier not to eat them. ‘course, having said that, I’ll probably make some for Ben and Laura’s benefit while they’re here. :)

And right now, I need to go get some more cleaning supplies and a new comforter so Ben and Laura have something to sleep under (the last extra one we had now belongs to Chantico, and I’m pretty darned sure Ben and Laura don’t want to sleep under that one. eeewwww).

bai bai.