Ok, there’ve been two scenes so far that I’d more or less forgotten about that when I read them I thought, hey, that’s pretty good, and I just now turned a page and read a scene end and went “OOH! THAT WAS A GOOD ONE! OOH! I didn’t see *that* coming! OOH!”

It’s a little silly to not see it coming when you *wrote* it, but there you are. was pleased by my OOH!ing, saying:

says “Making pleased noises during a revision pass before she gets to the very very very end is a good sign.”
says “We’ll really be talking when she starts to fuss about her hair and her webpage.”

I’m so terribly, terribly predictable.

I’m just about at the halfway point on the first pass. So far I haven’t found anything to make me scream and whimper with pain, but that’s why I have to do this more than once. And besides, I always assume it’s going to get worse as I move toward the end.

On a totally different topic, although one I’ve been harping on a lot lately, my colorist dropped me an email when he got all the inks for Chance and went ‘buh’ over the quality. He’s all excited about it. That’s very neat. :)

miles to Isengard: 237