el yucko

Performance reviews at work. El yucko.

Anything else? Oh yeah. I biked 20.6 miles last night, go me! Averaging 12.8mph, which I was prettypleased with, especially since it was windy as HELL. I’d been wondering on my ride on Wednesday what I could do to make myself work harder as I biked, and I figured it out–instead of keeping my odometer on the mileage, if I keep it on the average mph, I seem to work hard to keep that MPH up. The first 6 miles or something of the ride (which were pretty flat, the way I went last night) I averaged 13mph and then I spent the rest of the ride (which was much hillier) trying to get back to the 13mph average. So that’s the way to make myself work harder, it seems.

miles to Mordor:
Catie: 283.6
Laura: 98
Dave: 287.3